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Exam results summary

Sheridan School believes in helping young people to take examinations when the time is right for them. What this means in practice is that our students take examinations throughout their school career, once we feel they are ready and capable to do so. For example, some of our Year 4 pupils have been entered for Functional Skills examinations since 2015. This not only assists our young people to become more familiar with examinations, reducing any anxieties surrounding them but also enables them to achieve qualifications much earlier in their school experience.

Of the students who sat all of their allotted examinations at Sheridan School in 2014/15:

  • 75% gained an English qualification
  • 63% gained a mathematics qualification
  • 63% gained a science qualification

In 2015-16, 69% of students across the school undertook at least one examination, with 84% of those students gaining at least one pass. Our GCSE success rate was 100%, across a range of subjects including Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Humanities, General Studies and Human Health and Physiology.

During the 2017-18 academic year, over 80% of students across the Key Stages have undertaken at least one accredited examination, and of those students, 96% have been successful in at least one unit.