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Referrals 01325 331 703 General 0800 138 8680
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Schools and colleges

Priory provides expert specialist education for young people aged 5 to 25 with a range of conditions and special education needs, including autism and social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) difficulties, through our extensive network of schools, further education colleges and partnerships with NHS child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS) units.

Why choose Priory?

With absolute focus upon achieving the very best outcomes, our schools and colleges support young people with special educational needs to fulfil their own unique potential through:

  • Safe and nurturing education environments that meet the full range of young people’s needs
  • Tailored curriculums geared around a deep understanding of young people’s challenges
  • Bespoke access to social skills programmes
  • Well-equipped education and therapeutic facilities
  • Pathways that tackle the difficult transitional journeys from childhood to adulthood

A reputation for excellence

Priory schools and colleges have a reputation for excellence in dealing with autism and challenging behaviour, as reflected by our Ofsted, Estyn & CQC judgements. Priory’s regulatory outcomes significantly outperform national sector performance data with many of our services achieving the very highest accolade from regulators of ‘Outstanding’.

A national network for local placements

The wide geographic spread of our schools and colleges allows us to provide local placements that meet young people’s unique education needs. Students are able to maintain relationships and links within their local community, in turn maximising their chance of a smooth and successful placement.

A broad and varied curriculum

Whether a student wants to progress to university or move into employment, we will support them in pursuing their ambition. Our schools and colleges offer a broad curriculum, with the choice of both academic and vocational courses in a variety of subjects, including:

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Care
  • Archaeology
  • Art
  • Biology
  • Catering
  • Chemistry
  • Construction
  • Drama
  • Engineering
  • English
  • Forestry
  • Graphics
  • Health and Social Care
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Motor Vehicle Maintenance
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Politics
  • Retail
  • Sociology
  • Textiles

We support students to study towards a variety of national accreditations and qualifications, including:

  • Entry level certificates
  • ASDAN qualifications
  • BTECs
  • GCSEs
  • AS-Levels
  • A-Levels

Supporting young people into adulthood

All young people at our schools and colleges are engaged in independence programmes. We provide therapeutic and supportive environments which help students achieve their academic, independence and social goals, so that they can become successful adults.

Zero exclusion policy

We provide hope for even the most disaffected young people who face significant challenge and complexities in their lives. Although most students placed with us will have experienced difficulties in their previous education placements, all Priory schools and colleges work towards zero permanent exclusion.