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CAMHS Services for the NHS

Mental health conditions can have a significant impact on the life chances of our young people. Receiving specialist inpatient Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) treatment can be a positive turning point toward recovery for many, but the time spent out of school can have a detrimental effect on subsequent educational progress.

Priory Education and Children’s Services has a strong track record in helping young people successfully continue their educational development whilst undergoing treatment for mental ill health. We currently deliver this service across Priory’s own inpatient CAMHS hospitals, and have established successful partnerships with NHS Trusts to deliver these education services.

The benefits of Priory CAMHS Education Services for NHS Trusts include:

  • Positive engagement with education that underpins recovery, and helps to minimise length of stay
  • Priory services align with clinical and therapeutic timetables, and increase positive engagement whilst in NHS hospital care
  • Priory teams are experienced in working closely with clinical staff
  • Decrease in ward day staff required for supervision and reduced operational costs for CAMHS provision

How we support NHS services

High-quality education provision in a mental health setting is an essential part of a young person’s treatment programme. It promotes continuity, enhances emotional wellbeing, and underpins the smoothest re-integration possible into mainstream education.

Guidance in the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice requires that children and young people in hospital or alternative relevant provision should have access to education that is on a par with mainstream provision. This includes children and young people admitted to hospital under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act 2007.

Priory Education and Children’s Services provide support to NHS Trusts in implementing these requirements, and ensuring the delivery of both excellent educational outcomes and high standards of OFSTED compliance.

The two main ways we provide support to the NHS are:

  1. Provision of education services within NHS CAMHS units. This includes the supply of fully trained teaching staff and delivery of the curriculum, supported through our local network of schools.
  2. Priory’s leading panel of education specialists can support existing NHS CAMHS and education teams in the implementation of high-quality education, and in meeting OFSTED standards.

Key features - What does a Priory CAMHS Education Service for the NHS provide?

Priory provides services where young people attend the education service within a CAMHS unit for short periods of time, while remaining registered at their home school or college. The average length of stay for young people varies, but the majority of inpatient stays are for between 21 and 90 days.

Key features of a Priory CAMHS Education Service for the NHS

  • We work with each young person’s home school to ensure that educational opportunities are not compromised by their inpatient stays
  • Where home school support is insufficient, we provide age appropriate and key stage specific learning opportunities through the unit’s own curriculum
  • The service has exclusive teaching and learning areas, plus dedicated staffing and resources
  • We focus on a structured transition back into a mainstream school/college and the community
  • Substantial investment in IT and managed WiFi access allows young people to be taught across the CAMHS units, not just within classroom settings
  • Priory’s CAMHS Education Services offers a broad curriculum, including English, Maths, Science, PSHE and all other curriculum areas
  • An individual learning plan for each student that takes account of their past experiences, their aspirations and their mental health and general health needs

As the UK’s leading specialist education provider, we have proven experience in delivering high-quality education services to young people facing additional challenges. Our expertise lies in ensuring that young people can reach their potential and continue to achieve throughout the delivery of their treatment programmes.

For further information on Priory CAMHS services, click here to download a brochure..