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Residential accommodation outcomes

Priory Education and Children’s Services has more ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ sites than the national average, as well as no ‘Inadequate’ sites. 

Any site that is less than ‘Good’ has very stringent oversight from the quality and operations teams to ensure it improves quickly.

This is what inspectors said about some of our children’s homes:

“Young people positively flourish at the home. Bespoke care, good routines, and nutritious home-cooked meals have positively raised young people’s well-being. Young people fully recognise the progress they have made, building confidence in their ability to change previous patterns of behaviour.” (Brook House inspection)

“Young people receive an excellent standard of care from a truly committed and experienced staff team. They make significant progress given their starting points and as a result are very happy, safer and have better prospects for their futures.” (Moor House inspection)

Residential accommodation in some of our schools

We also have residential accommodation in some of our schools. In all the settings where we provide care, it is at least ‘Good’ with some of it being ‘Outstanding'.

All Priory Group accommodation attached to further education colleges is judged to be ‘Good’. Likewise, all our CQC registered homes inspected under the new framework in 2015 were rated as ‘Good’. In Scotland, our School Care Accommodation inspected this year was also rated as ‘Good’.

This is what inspectors said about some of our sites:

“Staff showed a caring nature with appropriate interventions to support people and maintain rapport. These interactions showed good interpersonal skills and understanding. We saw that staff had time to spend with people and engaged with them in a positive manner.” (CQC inspection of 57 Chestnut Road) 

“A strength of the residential provision is the commitment and enthusiasm of all staff. They place the well-being of children and young people at the centre of their practice. Staff are imaginative in finding ways to support children and young people with autism and learning disabilities to enable them to be successful.” (CQC inspection of Newbury Manor)