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Bernie Allen appointed to assist in developing practices in behaviour management...

Priory Education Services has appointed Bernie Allen to assist in developing a wide range of unique and innovative practices to strengthen its already leading work in behaviour management.

A former school principal and advisor to Government and local authorities on the development of policy, guidance and training, Bernie has worked directly with children and young people who demonstrate serious challenging behaviours for more than 20 years. He has worked extensively with key strategic groups including ENGAGE, SEBDA and the British Institute of Learning Disabilities, and has authored numerous papers and books.

Training and development sessions have taken place, with over 300 staff from schools and colleges across the country participating. Sessions focused on the sharing of best practice techniques and development of a behaviour management ‘toolkit’ consisting of a range of simple yet innovative strategies for use. Staff attending these sessions found them useful and informative, saying Bernie was "the most motivating speaker who really gets you thinking out of the box". Workshops continue around the country in October.

"Progressive and sector-leading"

Education Operations Director Dr John Steward says, “This exciting work is current, progressive and sector-leading, and has proved highly motivating for all staff. Work on brain development and mood management, for example, is at the cutting edge of practice nation-wide. Bernie is also working with the group at a strategic level to help determine how we address current key issues facing the country, such as extreme challenging behaviour.”

Bernie himself said: “Priory Education Services is continually looking for new ways to help the young people within its care develop ways to manage and control their own behaviour. The behaviour management practices that we are working to develop are driven by the staff teams who work closest with these young people and are focused on helping young people learn to manage their own behaviours.

“By enabling staff to work with each other across the range of sites and services within Priory Education Services we are able to build upon the already strong practices that take place, utilising the wealth of staff knowledge and experience that is already in place.

“My role will be to guide the staff through this process and try to get them thinking about behaviour management in different ways, whilst also providing direct training to support them in their everyday roles. I hope that by further developing their existing knowledge and skills colleagues will feel more confident and able in their own abilities.”

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