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Rachael’s story

Rachael* moved into foster care when she was 10 years old and entered the care system in 2005, having previously experienced neglect and physical abuse.

Rachael was diagnosed with a range of needs, including an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyspraxia, attachment disorder, mild/moderate hearing loss and emotional and social difficulties.

Taking the next steps into adulthood

Rachael was already receiving specialist education at one of Priory Education and Children’s Services FE colleges in Wiltshire, when an adult care placement was also required to further prepare Rachael for adulthood.

After looking at the different adult care options available, Rachael, her parents and the local authority, agreed on Priory Adult Care’s Eastrop House, which is also part of the Priory Group. This specialist residential service provides 24/7 support for adults with a range of needs, including autism, learning disabilities and/or associated mental health needs, who may also experience behaviours that challenge.

Rachael specifically chose Eastrop House with the service being reasonably close to Oxford, where her family and friends lived. The service is also designed to provide more personal space and further develop Rachael’s independence skills. Eastrop House has an ideal location, situated within a five minute walk from the town centre, where Rachael can access the cinema, restaurants, shops and other activities.

With both Priory Adult Care and Priory Education and Children’s Services being companies of the Priory Group, this further helped with the transition for Rachael into an adult care setting. The initial assessment was completed by the Registered Manager at Eastrop House and Rachael visited the service almost every day to get to know the environment, residents and staff team. She was also accompanied by her staff from the college. Once Rachael moved into Eastrop House, her support workers from the college were visiting twice a week for the first two weeks. Initially Rachael was shy but supported by staff from the college, she began building a new relationship with one of the support workers from Eastrop House that was assigned to support Rachael that day. The staff also constantly provided reassurance and helped her unpack and arrange her bedroom.

Achieving positive outcomes

Although Rachael has only been at Eastrop House for a short period of time, the progress has continued to be positive. Alongside building relationships with the staff team, Rachael has also got a peer friend and she will go to the town centre by herself or with her friend, who visits Rachael from Oxford on a weekly basis. Rachael will also ask for support when she needs it.

Rachael is planning on going back to college in September and after working closely with the staff team at Eastrop House, she even built up the confidence to meet up with her Grandad, who she hadn’t seen in 10 years.

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*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.