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The School Day

The school day starts every week day in term time at 9:10am on Mulberry ward and 9:40am on Rowan ward. The timetable consists of a total of more than 25 hours of education and therapeutic sessions. Education finishes at 3:55pm.

Accommodation at Woodbourne Hospital School

Both Mulberry and Rowan wards have a classroom on the ward. Classrooms have internet access via desk top computers.  Sometimes when young people are too unwell to come to the classroom our staff will teach them for short periods on the ward or at the bedside.  We bring resources and materials to young people to allow them to engage as much as they are able.


Arrangements for young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

On admission, we identify each young person’s needs, assess those needs and ensure  education works in partnership with the young person, parents/carers, the medical team and any other agencies or services supporting them.

We do everything we can to ensure that all young people are provided with the support they need to access the School’s curriculum and make progress commensurate with their ability and stage of recovery.

Our school works in partnership with local authority inclusive education teams, special schools and SENCOs from mainstream school, as dictated by the needs of the young people during their stay.

Working with Parents/Carers and Families

Staff welcome contact with parents/carers and are always happy to take time to talk over any issues. Teaching staff have an initial discussion with parents/carers of young people about the education and support their child will receive from the School. We also ask parents/carers to complete a short questionnaire about their child’s educational history and needs.

Parents/carers of pupils are kept regularly updated on their child’s progress via the Care Programme Approach (CPA) meeting which is attended by professionals from the young person’s home school, medical staff and other relevant agencies.  These meetings happen approximately every six weeks and ensure young people experience consistency and continuity in their education and medical care. The education team provide a written report for parents at each CPA meeting.

Support for Young People – The ‘Key Tutor’

Every young person is allocated a 'Key Tutor’ and will meet with their tutor at least once a week to discuss how things are going and whether there are any changes that need to be made to the young person’s programme or the support that they receive.

Links with Mainstream Schools

Young people who are inpatients will be supported to keep up with work from their own school and we always give priority to that work.

We link with a key person at the home school; this is usually the Head of Year or another senior member of staff.  The home-school tells us what the young person would be working on if they were attending there. We then support young people to complete that learning in hospital.  We report back to the school/college on the young person’s educational progress whilst in hospital and return completed work for assessment and feedback as appropriate.