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Residential services

There are facilities available for a range of student groups and individual teaching, as well as specialist provision including a student surf café, horticulture and design technology areas, to meet the requirements of our bespoke curriculum.

Tor View School also has a residential provision, offering a range of care services for the people we support. This includes:

  • Safe environments which meet the specific physical, social, intellectual and emotional needs of the young people
  • Spacious bedrooms, some with en-suite facilities
  • Modern communal areas including living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and play rooms
  • Enclosed gardens which can be used for various activities
  • Education services and therapeutic support provided at Tor View School
  • Highly-skilled staff teams for young people with complex needs
  • A close working relationship with placing authorities and parents/carers
  • Access to local train stations which has links to the city of Plymouth

Continuity is key to the high quality of care provided at Tor View School, with staff working across both the residential and education settings. This innovative approach provides much needed familiarity and structure for the young person being looked after, as well as minimising transitions throughout the course of a typical school day.

In practice, this means that often the same staff member helps the young person with their morning care routine then takes them to school, and continues to support them throughout all or some of the day, before taking them home again.

A range of activities

During the evenings, weekends and holiday periods, the residential care teams organise a wide and diverse range of leisure activities, some of these will be based on site, whilst others offer students the opportunity to participate and contribute in the wider community.

The young people are given a free choice of activities and we encourage them to become involved in a varied programme, with the specific aim of matching their individual needs. This should include some type of physical activity or sport where they can not only promote their health and fitness but also their social model, communicating with and supporting others.