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Referrals 0203 988 4682 General 0800 138 8680

Curriculum information

At Tor View School, the curriculum is specifically designed to ensure the learning that takes place is relevant, engaging and motivating for our students. This has been developed to best prepare people for the opportunities, experiences and responsibilities of adult life.

We place a strong emphasis on addressing each individual’s social and emotional needs. The ultimate goal is that the young people are enabled to become active learners, who are moving towards independence, autonomy, control, choice and learning, to effectively communicate their needs, wants and opinions.

We aim for our curriculum to enable students at Tor View School to:

  • Communicate their needs, wants, opinions and thoughts through the most effective means for them as individuals
  • Become active learners and also live a healthy lifestyle
  • Develop their social skills so that they can engage and interact with others to the best of their ability
  • Develop skills for learning so that they can effectively access the curriculum
  • Learning opportunities that are relevant, coherent, broad and balanced
  • A clearly structured day with routine which they can recognise and understand
  • Develop their skills to promote fuller-participation in school and community life
  • Develop motor control and physical independence, including the enjoyment of participating in a range of physical activities