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Ticehurst Hospital School

Welcome to Ticehurst Hospital School

Ticehurst Hospital School is an independent day school serving both the Tier 4 (Garden Court) and HDU (Upper Court) adolescent in-patient CAMHS ward at Priory Hospital Ticehurst. All young people admitted to the adolescent ward are automatically admitted to our school. 

In May 2017 the school was rated Good by Ofsted.

There are a total 13 beds on each adolescent ward and the school is registered for 26 students, aged 11-18 years. Our young people are admitted from a number of counties in the South East of England, as well as farther afield. As a result, we liaise with a large number of local authorities and community professionals.

Young people are admitted to the ward with disorders such as suicidal ideation, psychosis, drug-induced psychosis, schizophrenia, personality disorders, depression, eating disorders, attachment disorder and serious deliberate self-harm.

Admissions are a mixture of planned, acute crisis and transfer from other hospitals. Most of our young people are ‘informal’ but some are under section when they arrive, and others undertake a mental health act assessment during their stay.

We offer 25 hours of education each week on the ward and during the day, young people also attend a range of medical and therapeutic interventions.

Our aim is ‘Return to Learn’  

Our young people require a programme that allows them to return to positive and effective learning in a supportive and nurturing environment. Each young person has a personalised timetable for therapeutic, medical and school sessions. This is reviewed frequently based on each young person’s specific needs.  

As a young person moves closer to discharge, it is typical for them to engage more fully in learning sessions and begin attending their home school on day or extended leave. Each young person is allocated a key tutor who will liaise with the schools/colleges to organise re-integration plans. They are also invited to attend CPA (Care Programme Approach) meetings throughout the young person’s admission in order to facilitate better outcomes.

Where young people need to find an alternative school/college, our teachers support both them and their parents/carers through the process, including statutory appeal.

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