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Case studies

Case study: Kevin’s story

In 2014-2015, the school had one Sixth form student called Kevin* whose individual success reflects the quality of the provision. The young person had a bespoke package commissioned by Devon Local Authority to continue his studies in fisheries management and complete complimentary courses and fishing work experience placements.

Kevin’s academic targets relate to the Level 2 threshold and a particular focus on social development, independent living skills and work-based training in preparation for the student’s next steps in employment. As part of these ‘soft’ skills, a key element of the programme was engagement, as Kevin has a historic pattern of non-attendance.

Prior attainment has given a good foundation to his programme at Level 1. To support engagement, a fisheries placement was sourced which proved to be a key part of Kevin’s programme and potential employment in the future. The fisheries placements have also extended to specialist ponds around the country, which has been in partnership with the fisheries managers, parent and Careers South West.

As an older student with complex needs, Kevin had considerable engagement issues with traditional forms of education. Therefore, the programme needed to be flexible, engaging and relevant for a young adult preparing for his future career in the fishing industry. As a gifted fisherman, this programme would support Kevin with a range of academic qualifications, as well as developing his social skills.

Qualifications achieved by Kevin

His qualifications focused on progression to Level 2 securing core subjects, as well as complimentary courses for fisheries management and his career pathway such as:

  • BTEC Creative Media L2 (pass) which was designed to support Kevin develop his website
  • GCSE Maths C grade, building on previous Functional Skills qualification
  • Peer Mentoring Level 2 course (.5 GCSE) designed around fishing and enabling Kevin to use his expertise in fishing and fisheries management to support other students
  • The Peer Mentoring course complimented the Level 3 Fisheries Management course, equivalent to AS Level

As a result of this personalised programme, it has given Kevin progress from Level 1 to Level 2 in maths, and in this year, the potential equivalent of 4.5 GSCEs. This supports Kevin’s future aspirations, building on the previous 7 qualifications equivalent to Level 1 when leaving this academic year.

Kevin is well prepared for the world of work with a strong portfolio of qualifications achieved and a highly developed experience of the fisheries work environment. As a result of the effectiveness of the provision, Kevin secured employment through his final work experience placement in July 2015.