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Work experience opportunities

Work Experience continues to be an important part of a young person’s education at Southern Peninsula Services (formerly Devon Education and Children’s Services). The vast majority of employers, young people, parents/carers, teachers and outside agencies are positive about the experience and recognise the benefits that come from well-organised programmes.

The government has taken a number of steps to allow schools to use work experience for the benefit of young people. Young people are now able to undertake work experience throughout Key Stage 4 and beyond. Careers education and guidance is now an entitlement for all young people and work experience is a major element of most schools’ programmes of work. There is now a greater flexibility for schools to offer a range of vocational qualifications and work experience can make an important contribution to these.

Young people whose motivation to succeed at school has been faltering may benefit from well-planned extended work experience which obviously places a demand on employers for work placements and for other education-business links. Southern Peninsula Services ensures that work experience placements for young people are of high quality, successful and, above all, safe.