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Referrals 0118 970 8023 General 0800 138 8680
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Education services

Southern Peninsula Services (formerly Devon Education and Children’s Services) vision is to prepare students for the future in a safe, calm and stimulating environment and to provide an individualised approach which inspires and develops independence, confidence, resilience, and a love of learning.

Southern Peninsula Services school offers holistic life-long learning, which incorporates British culture and community values. We strive to engage our students and create opportunities to inspire them in achieving higher aspirations.

A broad and balanced curriculum is on offer at Southern Peninsula Services, including the National Curriculum where appropriate. Courses are based on a modular structure as this is better suited to the learning style of many of our young people. Students can be entered for Entry Level Certificates and GCSEs plus vocational BTECs and ASDAN. There is a strong emphasis on outdoor education and media, and students are given the opportunity to participate in a varied and stimulating educational programme based on the new secondary curriculum.

We are committed to providing students with a 24 hour curriculum which addresses the individual physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs of each student. Learning is personalised through a flexible approach with team teaching, themed days and appropriate accreditation. The courses are set up to cater for a smooth transition through the years and we make full use of modern technologies to accredit and assess progress made.