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Admissions criteria


Here at Southern Peninsula Services (formerly Devon Education and Children’s Services), we take referrals via:

  • Local Authority – Education and Care Departments
  • Social services
  • Parents

Admissions process

To be offered a place at Southern Peninsula Services , the young person must meet the admissions threshold for the local authority. Following their decision, we are contacted to offer clear feedback on the suitability of the placement and to arrange visits to establish an initial understanding of the young person’s needs. This means that placements are based on compatibility with the school, the accommodation, peers and the young person’s needs. This ensures high quality decision making regarding education and care placements.

Several factors have to be considered when considering placements including (not exhaustively) identifying an appropriate peer group in terms of mix of abilities, age, presenting behaviours, level of socio-communication skills, required level of supervision and support, gender and impact on the group dynamic.