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Referrals 0203 988 4682 General 0800 138 8680

Education services

Sketchley School and Forest House adopts a multidisciplinary approach to education using the best practice from models such as TEACCH and those developed throughout Priory Education and Children’s Services.

Our aim is to bring out the best in each young person to enable them to live happy, functioning and meaningful lives. Sketchley School and Forest House offers a safe, structured and predictable environment for individuals to develop the skills they need to live as independently as possible and make real life choices as they reach adulthood.

Accessing the national curriculum

The young people have access to the national curriculum, adapted and modified to meet their individual needs. They will learn in small classes of up to six and are grouped by key stage to ensure education is at the right level. Our pupils learn how to develop effective compensatory strategies to overcome difficulties in social and emotional processing, communication and flexibility in thinking and behaviour.

Autism-friendly environments

All young people with autism appear to suffer from stress as both a direct and indirect consequence of their condition. Some stress can be reduced by making environments as 'autism-friendly' as possible and reducing social and sensory bombardment. The design of the school and the structure of the educational programmes are created to achieve this.

Developing communication skills

The development of communication, personal and social education skills will form a major part of a young person’s personal education programme with emphasis placed on establishing appropriate behaviour and self-management in all settings. There are regular opportunities for individuals’ to use their social skills in the local community which are built into the educational programme.

Offsite learning

Please see the following links to Class Dojo and Oak National Academy:

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