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Services summary

Sedgemoor Manor School is a very special environment for vulnerable students who have great potential to achieve, but have barriers to their learning. That barrier will be different for each of our students. Many of our students before joining us have experienced a cycle of failure and they have a low perception of themselves as learners.

We work with many students whose high levels of anxiety means that they have struggled in a mainstream setting. What we are able to do here at Sedgemoor Manor School is to remove those barriers and provide a nurturing environment (rooted in the Thrive approach), with specialist teaching up to Level 3 standard. This gives all of our students the safe environment to realise, pursue and achieve their potential.

Tailored support in the classroom

Sedgemoor Manor School takes a highly individualised approach to every element of our young people’s education, with interventions and support being tailored individually around each student.

On average there will be six students per class, with one teacher and one learning mentor. In addition to this, we will arrange for extra learning interventions in the classroom or beyond the classroom, depending on the needs of the individuals being taught. Some classes might have just one additional support staff member, whereas others may have two or three. We carefully monitor the needs of the particular group being taught to ensure we are providing a high quality education with the correct level of support.

We offer a three tier curriculum model and teach based on stage rather than age, so students will often be taught in mixed year groups.

  1. Transition Curriculum
  2. Developing Skills
  3. Accredited Learning

Tier 1 - Transition Curriculum

Students who join our school have often faced highly significant challenges prior to admission and may be experiencing a cycle of failure. We develop a tailored transition curriculum for each new student so that they can quickly feel our ‘culture of success.’ This process prioritises splitting down the transition into attainable stepping-stones with outcomes of reducing anxiety, raising confidence and developing strong, trusting relationships. The greatest of care is taken to track progress, with transition targets being regularly reviewed.

Tier 2 - Developing Skills Curriculum

As students settle at Sedgemoor Manor School, they become familiar with the routines and are ready for a slight increase in the learning challenge. This is a move towards greater structure in lessons and increased adult-led learning. As pupils engage more readily within this learning culture, there is an introduction to achievable elements of the National Curriculum. Students are given opportunities for paired and group work, and are encouraged to access activities within the wider community through our enrichment curriculum.

Tier 3 - Accredited Learning Curriculum

As students’ progress though our school, we want to ensure that all of our learners are offered the maximum opportunities for success, and for many this is via the national system of accreditation. 

At Sedgemoor Manor School, we offer GCSEs, AQA Unit Awards, Functional Skills, BTECs, Duke of Edinburgh Awards (depending on demand and numbers) and Independence Awards via ASDAN. The learning journey that all of our pupils undertake ensures that, with careful support, they are all able to achieve accreditation. 

Recognising progress

At Sedgemoor Manor School, we will provide a vibrant and engaging academic and vocational education that is rooted in a therapeutic approach and supported by our ‘LEAD Engagement Model’. We understand that all behaviours are clear communication and symptomatic of need; any response is rooted in explicitly ‘knowing our students’.   

We work holistically to support every young person to overcome their barriers to learning. We provide integrated flexible student-centred support for all learners across the school, which are rooted in our core principles and provide personalised approaches to everything we do.

We know this methodology is transformational and promotes inclusion by instilling confidence, developing independent skills and providing all students with opportunities to celebrate success, embedding our vision for Sedgemoor Manor School.

Giving students a voice

Sedgemoor Manor School recognises the importance of involving young people in their education. We actively encourage students to share their views and ideas on how the school is run. There are regular opportunities for feedback, including:

  • Regular School Council
  • Tutor group sessions (twice a day)
  • During school assemblies
  • Regular Keyworker meetings
  • Leadership team open door policy

Whatever the award or pathway, we celebrate all achievements within our school, and do not lose sight of the amazing journey of change that we have undertaken with each one of our unique young people.

Keeping parents informed

We understand the importance of good communication between home and school. Sedgemoor Manor School has a range of systems in place to ensure parents/carers are kept up-to-date and have the opportunity to be involved in their child’s care as much as they want to be. These include:

  • Regular contact via the student’s tutor
  • Reports twice a year
  • Formal parents’ evenings
  • Celebration days twice a year
  • Annual reviews
  • Termly newsletters
  • Meetings as required

Healthy eating

Sedgemoor Manor School strives to introduce healthy habits for life for our young people. We only serve home-cooked food to students, with our chefs preparing a range of hot and cold options each day. We also cater for specific diets, including gluten free, as well as being able to offer Halal and Kosher food.

Our kitchen has a 5-star hygiene rating and all staff are trained in the needs of our young people.

A low-stimulation environment

The therapy team here at Sedgemoor Manor School have a significant input into our school environment, helping to ensure it is calm and peaceful for students. By taking on-board the therapy team’s suggestions, we have been able to create a low stimulation environment which reduces the anxieties of our young people so that they are better-placed to learn.

We have a range of animals as part of our school community to support our students in managing anxiety through nurture and caring for another living creature. This has been successful and our students have proven to be so knowledgeable that we are starting an accredited course in animal care this year.