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Referrals 01325 331 703 General 0800 138 8680
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Case studies

Liam’s story

My name is Liam* and I had very complex behaviours and challenges which previously resulted in many incidents with sta­ff and members of the public. Before I arrived at Queenswood School, I also had multiple placement breakdowns in private schools, as well as other residential settings.

When I arrived at Queenswood School, I was a very disillusioned and angry young man. The sta­ff team at school immediately put the correct procedures in place and worked closely with me to build my confidence and trust.

Staff­ found that I didn’t enjoy learning in the classroom, but that I would participate in more vocational based projects including mechanics and carpentry, which helped to build my confidence.

Liam’s outcomes

Through working closely with me, the school staff team were able to significantly reduce the number of incidents I had.

When I left Queenswood School, I went on to work with the police and dog handling. This has been an amazing turnaround for me to change from the young person I used to be with limited understanding of what the police’s role was and being very angry with them for the amount of times I had been arrested.

*Name has been changed to protect individuals’ identity