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Referrals 0203 988 4682 General 0800 138 8680

Our Testimonials

We understand that deciding where to send your child to school is a big decision and that you need as much information as possible to help you make the right choice for you and your family. That is why we have asked parents, carers and young people themselves to share their views and experiences of Queenswood School. The testimonials below aim to give you a real insight into our services, the way we work and the outcomes you can expect.


Our latest testimonials

“My son is 11 years old and is attending Queenswood School full-time. During his time at Queenswood, he has enjoyed going and being there, the staff are brilliant with him and take the time to get to know him and understand him. He has built a good relationship with members of staff and often comes home happy telling me about his day. I am extremely grateful and happy with Queenswood School. Thank you to all the staff for your hard work, patience and understanding.”

Parent of a pupil at Queenswood School 

“To summarise my time at Queenswood School, I have matured greatly and I would never have seen myself doing what I’m going to do. They helped me to manage my behaviour.”

Pupil at Queenswood School

“Since joining the school, I have seen noticeable improvements in my son’s development, behaviour and all round wellbeing. I put this down to the quality of the tuition and overall quality of the care and educational care plan. The staff go above and beyond with their care, keeping me informed with any progress and have made me feel fully involved with the Queenswood School family.”

Parent of a pupil at Queenswood School

“I have been able to make positive relationships and the staff have helped me to attend and engage with education. Before, I used to truant and didn’t like education that much. I think I am now in a better place.”

Pupil at Queenswood School

“Many young people who have experienced trauma are unable to cope with the rigours of formal education…What they need is the space and understanding to acquire the developmental milestones that they have missed during their early years, including the ability to emotionally regulate for themselves. This is where Queenswood School excels; they are trauma informed and stream children according to how settled and prepared they are to engage…the Queenswood School ‘education by stealth’ approach means young people in their early days are sometimes unaware they are even learning… staff are nurturing, patient, resilient and quietly persistent.”

Social Worker

“I wanted to say a big thank you to you and your staff at Queenswood School for all of the support that you have provided to our children in care. You are always willing to be creative and provide the best possible support for our children, looking at them as individuals, offering a creative, safe and positive learning experience. We were delighted to be able to award a certificate of thanks to your staff.”

Jackie Ellis, Education Inclusion Lead CIC & Safeguarding Lead for the Virtual School.

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