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Life skills

At Quay View School, we take a long-term view of the pathway for our student’s learning journey. PSHE is delivered to all students across Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4, with a more individual, specialist approach to Key Stage 5, which links into their transition. It is delivered throughout the curriculum and is supported during tutor times. It can be delivered as part of an accredited course or linked into ASDAN and NOCN courses in Key Stage 4.

The development of social skills is important for all our young people. Students take part in these sessions as either part of a group, 1:1 and as part of the PSHE course. We use our bespoke SMSC and personal learning thinking skills (PLTS) tracking system to give a clear indication of the level our young people are working at in these areas, as well as PSHE.

Many of the skills encouraged throughout the PSHE course are supported by offsite trips, including outdoor education and community projects. SMSC ties together the aspects of PSHE and are taught in all subjects. Tutor sessions build on this programme. Personal learning thinking skills (PLTS) are also monitored and tracked throughout the curriculum. Students are encouraged to identify their strengths and work on areas of weakness to improve their ability to be independent learners.

A focus on self-regulation

Here at Quay View School, we are not just looking to improve behaviour, but also at giving our young people the skills to bring their own behaviours down through self-regulation. We seek to equip our young people with tools and coping strategies to approach and deal with new, potentially distressing situations.

Moving towards independence

All students are encouraged to be as independent as they can. Education  and therapy staff work alongside each other to aid students to develop these skills at a level that is appropriate for them. Some of our students however have more difficulty than others in carrying out independent tasks such as crossing the road safely, being able to dress appropriately for different situations and weather conditions, ordering food and drink from cafes, using money, telling the time and understanding the law. These students will work towards an NOCN Independent Living skills qualification. This qualification can be aimed at Entry level 1 through to Entry level 3. This qualification develops personal independent skills, but also allows the learner to experience horticulture/gardening, being a responsible pet owner, physical education, cooking and community-based learning.