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Referrals 0203 988 4682 General 0800 138 8680

Curriculum information

Priory Lodge School provides a differentiated curriculum which has been purposely developed to meet the needs of students with a social communication disorder/Asperger syndrome. The curriculum is designed to engage and encourage pupils to be involved in their learning, with particular attention given to specific learning needs associated with our learners’ conditions, such as:

  • Weak visual sequential memory
  • Weak problem solving skills
  • Weak written language skills
  • Unrefined handwriting

A broad curriculum

It’s important to us that we engage our young people and support them in pursuing their areas of academic interest, even if these fall outside of the mainstream core subjects traditionally offered by schools. As such, Priory Lodge School offers a broad curriculum that incorporates a wide range of subjects and qualifications, from BTECs in Vocational Studies, part-time local college partnerships, to A-Levels in the Sciences, Maths, Art or Psychology. We will always do our best to accommodate an individual pupil’s particular subject requirements and look into how we can provide tuition in a particular field if we don’t already do so.

Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3

In Key Stages 2 and 3, our school curriculum covers a broad range of learning linked to the National Curriculum. This allows us to capture a child’s potential and provide highly personalised, person-centred learning. We ensure that pupils are able to enjoy a variety of creative and practical tasks alongside academic class room work.

Key Stage 4

From Year 9, pupils at Priory Lodge School receive supportive and careful guidance to help with selecting their GCSE/Entry Level choices for key stage 4, according to their interests and level of ability.


Post-16 pathways are shown in the diagram below:

Priory Lodge School - Pathways