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Referrals 01325 331 703 General 0800 138 8680

Transitioning services

We value each young person as an individual, which means we discover unique talents, build self-esteem and confidence and work resourcefully to encourage our pupils to find the joy in learning. We support our pupils through their progression from Priory Lodge School and into further learning, employment and adulthood. 

Transitioning into Priory Lodge School

Most of our young people at Priory Lodge School have not had successful mainstream school placements; sometimes they have had several failed school placements, or have been in hospital. Therefore, when a young person starts at Priory Lodge School, the first thing we look at is their level of anxiety and how much they can manage.

Sometimes individuals start on a part-time programme and then gradually build this up with their preferred subjects. Other times, a young person will come into our environment and, as a direct result of the change of environment and level of support and expertise, find that ‘they fit’ for the first time in their lives. Our aim is to work towards building up to a full-time programme for each young person as and when this is possible.

Moving on from Priory Lodge School

Transition planning starts very early on at Priory Lodge School, with a focus in years 9 and 11 at annual review. A member of the Senior Leadership Team chairs the annual reviews and oversee the transition programmes for young people.

There are a number of different options for young people looking to transition after Year 9 or 11. Depending on the young person’s individual needs and circumstances they could:

  • Remain with us and continuing their studies at Priory Lodge School
  • Move on to other Priory Group establishments
  • Move on to other local FE colleges 

Whatever the onward pathway chosen by a young person, we will do our best to support them in the transition. For example, we have established links with mainstream colleges to enable our young people to attend college with our support.