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Case studies

Sarah’s* story

“I really enjoyed my time at Priory College Swindon. I learnt a lot about the catering industry and I got a Level 2 Award for Food Safety in Catering.

As well as this, I learnt how to be an independent traveller with support from my support worker and made lots of good friends with staff and students. It helped me well when I left college as I was confident on how to get around a lot more, particularly by public transport.

Since leaving, I have done voluntary work in community cafés and kitchens around Swindon which has now helped me to secure a permanent Kitchen Assistant position.”

Dan’s* story

"I finished my placement at Priory College Swindon in July 2014, but I recently returned to catch up with staff and let them know how I’ve been getting on since leaving.

The staff noticed how well I looked straight away and asked what my fitness secret was. I explained that in the first few months after leaving Priory College Swindon, I felt a bit low being away from college and all of the friends that I had made during my time there. However, after a few weeks I decided to take action and began attending a local gym in Chippenham.

I hoped that the physical fitness training would help to improve my mood and I’m delighted to say that my plan worked! My mood improved very quickly and I soon began to feel much more motivated, confident and healthy. I am still training at the gym three to four times per week and have also stopped eating all that junk. I am committed to a healthy, well-balanced diet now that I’ve felt the benefits for myself.

It was lovely to hear staff say how much they could see my confidence has improved. I spoke to them about my current learning placement at a local college where I am studying towards a Level 2 qualification in Engineering. I am currently in my second year and really enjoying it – I have learned loads.

I am also able to apply my learning from my college course with my part time job, working in railway engineering. I am earning good money and regularly work extra shifts. My progress at work and my regular wage has allowed me to move into a flat in Corsham, which I share with a friend from college. Having this independence is really important to me and has helped my confidence enormously.

I wanted to let the staff at Priory College Swindon know what a big difference my time there has made. It gave me the foundation on which I have built my new life. I was able to do something about my low mood because I remembered how staff had told me about the benefits of exercise and I finally found the motivation to follow that advice.

I told staff that I have realised the importance of the good work ethic and study strategies they instilled in me. They have really helped me to buckle down at my current college placement and in my job. Now, I really appreciate the benefits of everything they taught me much more clearly – not least my wages and my career prospects in engineering, as well as my improved happiness and confidence.

I explained to staff that my flat share is going really well because of all the independence skills they helped me to develop. Plus my social life is going great too. I have continued to take part in Ugio gaming circles, which I started while I was at college, even attending conventions with Ugio friends from all over the country.

I just want to thank so many of the staff at Priory College Swindon for all of their help and I promise to keep in touch with more news on my ongoing progress."

*Names have been changed to protect individual’s identity