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Life skills

Here at Priory College Swindon, we are driven by our commitment to helping our students to become successful adults and to live as a valued member of their local community. We understand that in order to do that, helping our young people to develop life and independence skills is just as important as supporting them to achieve qualifications.

Teaching skills and developing confidence

Every student at Priory College Swindon has a target-led programme of independence, social and communication skills building which is blended throughout their curriculum. Following an initial assessment, we will build a personalised plan which sets objectives in key areas in which the student needs to develop their skills. This will very much be led by the young person’s abilities, level of need and onward pathway but may include support with activities such as:

  • Handling money when buying something from a shop
  • Communication skills when buying something in a shop
  • How to use public transport
  • Road safety

What makes our approach so different here at Priory College Swindon is that we do not just work to help students develop skills, but also look to develop their confidence in those areas. Our aim is to get our students to a point where they can not only carry out a specific task, but feel comfortable to do this independently.

Employability skills

Priory College Swindon understands the crucial role that life skills have to play in helping our young people to become more employable, which is why we offer a specialist Employability Skills Qualification (Entry Level 3 & up to Level 2). Every one of our students, whether they are on a work placement or not, has the opportunity to complete an Apt Unit Qualification in Employability Skills, which will see them receive training in:

  • CV Writing - Each student will produce their own CV
  • How to conduct job searches
  • How to fill in application forms
  • Interview skills and techniques (including mock-interviews)

Developing daily living skills within our residential settings

Residential students at Priory College Swindon have additional opportunities to develop daily living skills. Our skilled care staff support the young people living in our homes to work on a range of areas which will help them to live more independently in the future. This might include:

  • Buying food from the supermarket
  • Cooking
  • Healthy eating
  • Laundry
  • Learning to live with other people
  • Menu planning