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Curriculum information

Priory College Swindon offers a very broad curriculum which caters for students from Pre-Entry Level up to Level 3.

A curriculum designed around the young person’s needs

We always design learning packages around the individual needs, interests, abilities and future aspirations of the young person. Courses are selected in consultation with each student and taking their academic ability into consideration. If a young person is too vulnerable or anxious to access our mainstream campus, we are able to develop a bespoke package that meets their educational and social needs.

Bespoke learning packages

In addition to our in-house courses, Priory College Swindon has a number of partnership arrangements with other local providers. This allows us to offer students a very broad range of course choices at levels ranging from pre-entry to level three, as well as work placements.

We build bespoke and flexible learning packages around the individual, which focus not only on improving grades, but also on learning the practical and functional skills that support everyday life. A student’s curriculum will work in three key areas:

  • Education
    • Numeracy and literacy skills are embedded into all programmes
    • Students who have not yet gained a Level 2 qualification in Maths and English will have weekly sessions in each subject
  • Social skills
    • Students can choose from optional modules that meet their interests
    • Modules include communication and teamwork
  • Independence training
    • Students can choose from optional modules that meet their interests
    • Modules include managing money and travel training

Kick start programme

Priory College Swindon also offers the ‘Kick start programme’ which is aimed at helping young people to gain the confidence and qualifications needed for their next step, whether that be in to mainstream education or employability.

Students on the ‘Kick start programme’ will follow a core curriculum made up of:

  • APT Units
  • Maths
  • English

The programme can lead to an Award or a Certificate from Entry Level 1 right up to Level 2, depending on the level the student is working at.

Enrichment options

We provide our young people with the opportunity to get involved with a number of enrichment projects. These run alongside the student’s chosen main course and offer the chance to develop key skills such as team work, communication as well as doing something fun and rewarding.

Enrichment options include:

  • Awesome Autism
    • Get involved in writing, editing and distributing our monthly newsletter
  • Weather Station
    • Collect data, learn how to use a spreadsheet and work with basic statistics
  • Breakfast Club
    • Be a part of running a small business and spend the profits on a group activity with your new friends and co-workers