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Transitioning services

We understand that smooth transitions require co-ordination between a range of people and professionals to ensure decisions are made with a 360⁰ view of the young person’s individual circumstances. Here at Priory College Swindon, we ensure transition planning involves:

  • The student themselves
  • Parents/carers
  • College
  • Local Authority and outside agencies as appropriate
  • Outside agencies from the students’ local area
  • Representative from the onward placement (if appropriate)

Joining Priory College Swindon

As part of our standard admissions process, all young people will visit the college at least twice before joining us. We often arrange further orientation visits to help students familiarise themselves with the building and staff before starting at the college. If we feel that going straight into full-time college is too much for a particular individual, we are able to offer a staged start (e.g. building up from attending two days per week to full time).

Moving on from Priory College Swindon

Smooth transitions require regular and detailed forward-planning. We start transition planning and looking at the ‘next stages’ for a young person from the moment they join us at Priory College Swindon, focussing on long-term aims and employment outcomes.

In a student’s final year, we will arrange regular review meetings to monitor the planned transitions, with invites sent to external agencies and other services involved. Where necessary, we will make a referral to social services or other agencies to ensure on-going support after leaving.

Where do young people go after leaving Priory College Swindon?

Young people on leaving Priory College Swindon progress onto a variety of pathways, including:

  • Paid part-time or full-time employment
  • Voluntary employment
  • Supported work placements
  • Work-based programmes (apprenticeships)
  • Training
  • Further and Higher Education

In terms of living arrangements after leaving Priory College Swindon, our students move on to:

  • Supported or semi-supported residential settings
  • Independent living
  • Return to the family home