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Services summary

Priory College Swindon is an independent specialist college, providing both day and residential placements for young people who have specific social and communication difficulties. Our area of particular expertise is autism and Asperger Syndrome, including co-morbid conditions, sexualised and anti-social behaviour.

Unique placements for unique young people

Here at Priory College Swindon, we recognise that each of our students is unique. We build personalised packages around the individual student in response to their specific profile, meaning no two placements are the same. Each of our young people has a completely unique timetable that blends:

  • Education
  • Therapy
  • Independence skills
  • Social skills training
  • Care

Our aims

Here at Priory College Swindon, we have a very clear focus on employability and employment outcomes. All students are empowered to make choices and decisions about their own plans as we believe there is no doubt that, with appropriate support, young people with ASD can make good progress and ‘move along the spectrum’.

We celebrate the fact that, although our young people may share common underlying traits, each of our students is unique. It is our mission to support those in our care to help them thrive and go on to achieve their aspirations through delivering programmes which are focussed on fulfilling life-long goals and ambitions.

Skilled and supportive staff

Our skilled staff team have extensive experience in working with learners with autism who have difficulty accessing mainstream education, for example due to school phobia, extreme anxiety or sensory difficulties. The staff at Priory College Swindon are able to support students through:

  • A multidisciplinary therapy team
    • Available for specific needs identified in the student’s EHC plan
    • Available via our internal referral process
  • Night waking teams in residential sites
    • Available throughout the nights to ensure students’ safety and security
    • Encourage students to follow healthy sleeping patterns
    • Respond to specific anxieties
  • Key worker system
    • Each student has their own allocated key worker
    • Students are encouraged to discuss any concerns or worries
  • Dedicated support teams
    • Specialist support from well-trained staff who act as mentors
    • Empower and motivate students to fulfil their potential
  • 24/7 staffing
    • Ensures full access for all students to the curriculum
    • Provide encouragement and support
    • Support and maintain individuals’ anxieties