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Referrals 01373 466 222 General 0800 138 8680


"They care at North Hill House School"

“My son has been at the school for four years and it’s been good on a whole. They have worked wonders with my son who struggles with everything young people with Asperger’s struggle with.

His old school struggled to manage him. Within a year of my son being at the school, we saw improvements, because my son returning home was nice whereas before it was difficult. There is good communication and I’m really pleased. There are issues, but the school helps. Each time my son presents with something at home I call the school and they will help and make suggestions. If my son is at times being difficult at school they will call me and I will talk to my son and calm him down. My son chose to reside at the school because he didn’t want to spend hours in a taxi. On the day I took him to the school, he went off happily and a staff member saw my face, took me by the hand, gave me a cup of tea and asked me about my concerns.

They care at North Hill House. The staff care and I have never had a bad experience. North Hill House have been brilliant and above all they care. The way they work results in a happy bunch of kids. My son is happy but he wasn’t before. They work tirelessly and try different things. Also, my younger son is currently undergoing an assessment and I do not want him to go anywhere else but North Hill House.”

Parent of a student at North Hill House School

"The education side is faultless"

"North Hill House is a brilliant school and we couldn’t have picked better. The education side is ‘faultless’ and they are getting the best out of him."

Parent of a student at North Hill House School