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Referrals 01373 466 222 General 0800 138 8680

Therapy services

Here at North Hill House School, we understand that a young person’s behavioural difficulties are often due to sensory difficulties. We believe that appropriate therapy can help enormously with this and so ensure we have clear links between each student’s therapy and care plans.

Our expert therapy team not only works closely with our young people, but also supports the school staff team. For example, if a teacher notices a student is demonstrating OCD traits, the therapy team can step in and put plans in place to support the staff in delivering more effective education.
North Hill House School has a highly-skilled therapy team, including:

  • Two paediatric occupational therapists
  • A speech and language therapist
  • A counsellor
  • Access to an educational psychologist one day per fortnight

All of our therapists work full-time and on-site, which means our young people can access therapy easily, without causing disruption to their learning and without lengthy waits. We also have an educational psychologist who visits the school once every two weeks.

Specialist therapeutic facilities

Given the strong role that therapy plays in supporting our young people, it is not surprising that North Hill House School has a range of specialist therapeutic facilities. These include:

  • A sensory garden
  • A sensory room with light effects, a den, water bed and projector
  • An occupational therapy room with a range of equipment (e.g. weighted blankets)
  • Dedicated therapy rooms for 1:1 learning

Regular therapeutic assessments

We organise regular therapeutic assessments for all of our young people to ensure that we are always providing the level and type of support that best meets their evolving needs.

When a young person first joins North Hill House School, we do not just accept their existing diagnosis and suggested therapy needs at face value. Instead, during their first three months at the school, each pupil goes through an initial assessment, which is designed to give us a detailed understanding of their condition(s) and level of need. Our therapists work closely both with the student and staff to get to the heart of a young person’s situation and conditions and make sure the support provided really fits where they are at that point in time.

After this we then hold regular therapy reviews looking at what we know, how the student’s situation has changed and how we will continue to support them going forward.