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Referrals 01373 466 222
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Referrals 01373 466 222 General 0800 138 8680

Services summary

Who do we support?

North Hill House School delivers specialist education for up to 60 young people aged 6 to 19 years old with Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated conditions, which may include ADHD and dyslexia amongst others. We also offer residential care for up to 20 students in our on-site residential area.

Offering a second chance

We understand that our students often join us at North Hill House School having previously had a negative experience of schooling. We work really hard with our young people to provide them with better opportunities for success, for them to feel better about education, and to reach their full potential.

Small class groups for individualised teaching

North Hill House School ensures class groups remain small so that we are able to provide tailored teaching and support to our students. On average, there will be between two and six students per class with a teacher and learning support assistant, although we are also able to offer totally bespoke 1:1 learning packages where required.

Whilst the majority of students will start with quite intensive support, we will look to phase this away as it is always our aim to help our young people become as independent as possible and to prepare them for a successful adulthood. Therefore, where we do provide support at a 1:1 level, we will monitor this very closely and the plan is to withdraw support when appropriate in order for the child to gain as much independence as possible and not become over-reliant on this support.

Keeping you informed

We recognise the importance of maintaining good relationships between the school and parents/carers. North Hill House School uses a range of different methods to communicate home about a child’s progress, such as:

  • Regular phone calls dependent on parents’ preferences (daily if required)
  • Regular email updates dependent on parents’ preferences (daily if required)
  • Education open day each term where parents can talk to teachers and discuss progress
  • Formal report sent home each term

In the same way that we provide bespoke learning programmes to our students, we also tailor communication to parents’/carers’ individual level of need. All our pupils have their own pastoral tutor who will develop close links with parents and discuss with them the frequency and type of contact that works best for them.

Specialist facilities

North Hill House School has recently undergone an extensive programme of refurbishment. We have given great consideration to the school’s layout and facilities to ensure that they are well-suited to the needs of our young people. Our aim is to create an environment which minimises distractions and supports students to learn. Key features include:

  • Large, bright and modern classrooms
  • Individual work spaces in classrooms which helps minimise distractions and help pupils keep their focus
  • A specialist occupational therapy room with specialist equipment e.g. weighted blankets
  • ‘The Sensory Zone’ – A sensory room with fibre optics, dens, water bed and projector
  • Outdoor playground space for younger children

Rewarding progress

Many of our students have had a difficult time in their previous education placement(s). We strongly believe that positive feedback and rewards can play an important role in motivating young people as well as helping to build their confidence and self-esteem.

North Hill House School has an online reward system in place called Vivos. Students receive points for exceptional kindness, outstanding social development, good group work or strong academic progress. Pupils can log-in online, track their progress and see when they have enough points to trade in for rewards vouchers which can be spent at high street retailers such as Amazon or Argos.