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Referrals 0118 970 8068 General 0800 138 8680
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Newcombe Lodge

Welcome to Newcombe Lodge

Newcombe Lodge (formerly part of Partnerships in Care) consists of a six-bedroomed home and two independent living flats, providing specialist residential care and treatment for up to eight young women aged 13-21 with a history of self-injurious and other risk-taking behaviours.

We support young people who:

  • Need specialist intervention for self-harming and risk-taking behaviours
  • May have co-existing diagnosed mental illness
  • May have a prior history of self-harming behaviour and treatment
  • Will benefit from a sensory integration and positive support approach
  • May have attachment difficulties associated with complex presentations
  • May need care as an emergency or as a respite placement

Our therapeutic environment

  • Newcombe Lodge is a place where the young people are part of the team. We work together to build the confidence and skills to re-join the community or start afresh
  • We focus on stabilising the young person’s behaviour, keeping them safe and giving them skills towards effective self-management
  • Our specialist trained teams on site include a nurse, social worker, Psychologist and assistant, Psychotherapist, occupational therapist and assistants, while specialist services such as psychological therapies are provided as required, as are physical health needs through agreements with nearby GP practices, dentists, opticians and any other specialist care the young person may benefit from
  • The young people enjoy all the facilities of the spacious main household. Young people in their late teens to 21-year-olds, who have progressed well with therapy, may be housed on site in our supported but independent living flat
  • We work with young people to develop new ways for them to cope with the feelings that previously led to their self-harm behaviours
  • By changing perspective, we support young people to achieve their potential
  • Young people continue to attend school or receive education as required

Therapies and services

  • 1:1 or group talking therapies as required by each individual
  • Physical health care including nutrition, exercise and smoking cessation help
  • Weekly sessions with named key worker
  • Individuals can privately access their own care notes
  • Volunteering/work opportunities
  • 24/7 support


  • Community amenities for swimming and gym
  • Group walks, horse riding
  • DBT group
  • Community skills group
  • Yoga
  • Arts and crafts
  • Outings to cinema/theatre
  • Family and friend contact and visits supported
  • Shared community activities with young people from our other homes


  • House, flat and gardens
  • 2 lounges
  • Therapy room
  • Laundry
  • Dining room and kitchen
  • Gardens

Get in touch

To find out more about Newcombe Lodge, to request a Statement of Purpose or for further information on the residential services we provide for young people at Priory Education and Children’s Services, please click here to make an enquiry or alternatively call our helpful team today on 0118 970 8068.