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Referrals 0118 970 8023 General 0800 138 8680
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Therapy services

The therapy offered at Mark College plays a vital role in helping our young people to reach their full potential by helping to break down any barriers they have to learning. The school has four dedicated therapy rooms where our in-house therapy team offer a range of support, including:

Speech and language therapy

This therapy focusses on developing social communication skills through both group and direct 1:1 work.

Occupational therapy

We use occupational therapy to manage sensory issues, such as providing support with writing and gross motor skills.

Art therapy

Art psychotherapy is used to help students manage their anxiety and deal with issues around self-esteem.

School dogs

Mark College has school dogs which are used with our young people with anxiety issues. The dogs can attend therapy sessions with students or work with them as part of sports programmes.

Vulnerable Learners Team

Our team of learning support assistants can provide additional individual support to students where required.

‘Room X’

Named by the students, Room X is a quiet space where young people can go for additional support or to learn in a more private environment. Many of our students were previously school refusers before joining us, so Room X provides a ‘half-way’ point for them from which we can gradually fully integrate them into learning at Mark College.