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Transitioning services

Given many of our young people struggle with anxiety-driven conditions, we recognise the importance of smooth transitions in maximising the chance of a successful placement. Mark College takes a multi-agency approach to the transition planning process, which is overseen by the Vice Principal, with the support of the Headteacher, Welfare Manager and Sixth Form Manager.

Transitions into Mark College

Once a placement is agreed, Mark College offers a meeting to plan the transition, inviting:

  • Parents/carers
  • Mark College staff
  • Previous school staff
  • Appropriate other professionals

We schedule regular support follow-ups to monitor how well the young person is settling in and make any adjustments required.

Finally, we hold Annual Reviews for all students, whether funded by the Local Authority or privately.

Transitions out of Mark College

Mark College undertakes careful transition planning for young people moving on from Mark College to ensure they have the support they require to become successful adults. We endeavour to liaise with all interested parties in the process to ensure decisions are in the best interests of the young person. Usually this will include:

  • Parents
  • The ongoing placement (either education, work or home)
  • The student’s home local authority