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Referrals 01325 331 703
General 0800 138 8680
Referrals 01325 331 703 General 0800 138 8680
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Services summary

Here at Kingsmere School we offer places to young people who display a range of challenging and anti-social behaviour.

Small classes for tailored teaching

Our small class sizes (four to six children per class) ensure our young people get the support they need to learn effectively. Each class has a minimum of one teacher and one support assistant, with additional 1:1 support available for pupils who require it.

Keeping you informed

We understand the importance of keeping parents/carers up to date with their child’s progress. As a school, we pride ourselves on our frequent and open communication with parents/carers in the form of daily updates and a weekly report. Every Friday teachers prepare a weekly report for each young person, which is then sent out on a Monday morning to parents, carers, social workers and any other professionals involved in the care of that student. The report will not only look at the young person’s academic progress that week, but also at attendance, any behavioural issues they may have had and anything else of note.