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Referrals 0203 988 4682 General 0800 138 8680

Education services

Kingsbrook School offers specialist therapeutic education for up to 15 students (a mix of residential and day students). Our school is for young people aged between 12 and 18 years old who have difficulties accessing mainstream educational provision due to their mental health conditions and associated needs. We offer specialist therapeutic education in a nurturing, stimulating and safe environment.

Our mission

We aim to deliver the highest level of academic, social and emotional learning tailored to individual needs in a supportive, encouraging, nurturing, therapeutic, stimulating and safe environment. Every student is welcomed, valued and encouraged to achieve outcomes to the best of their ability.

Recognising achievements

It is really important for us to recognise the achievements of our pupils, particularly as they have often come from backgrounds where they may not have had their successes celebrated.  We have a number of initiatives in place to regularly celebrate our young people’s social and academic achievements, including:

  • Weekly assemblies - These assemblies celebrate students who have been nominated by a member of the teaching team for ‘academic progress’ and those nominated by their peers for acts of kindness, offers of support or any other positive gesture.
  • Termly awards assemblies - These assemblies give pupils a chance to showcase their talents and achievements in front of parents/carers and other invited guests. Students will be eligible for various awards some of which are voted for by staff and others by peers.
  • Termly open days - At the end of every term we hold an open day where parents are invited to visit, look at their child’s work and talk about their progress with the teaching team.

Moving on from the classroom

We start from the premise that “everybody can learn” and work with students to help them to understand the ‘ways in which they are clever’ rather than ‘what they are clever at’. We take a holistic approach to education supporting our students to not only make academic progress, but also to be socially aware, emotionally literate and to develop communication, life and independence skills.