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Referrals 01325 331 703 General 0800 138 8680
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Admissions criteria

Who we support

Kingsbrook School is a co-educational school for young people aged 12 to 18 years old, specialising in providing education for young people with mental health difficulties and other complex needs.

Providing hope when mainstream placements have failed

We specifically focus on the education of young people who are at risk from permanent exclusion, and for whom mainstream education is unable to meet their needs, due to their presentations of high risk behaviours and other factors that can impact upon the education of the student.  A large proportion of our students have come to us because:

  • They have been unable to cope in mainstream schools because the class sizes are too big and they need smaller, more specialist groups
  • The education system does not fit them and their needs, and they have often been excluded multiple times

All of our students have an Education & Health Care Plan (EHCP) which specifies their strengths, vulnerabilities and the areas where all those in the students circle of support have agreed they need support. The EHCP identifies goals, targets and possible strategies necessary to meet these outcomes.

The admissions process

Admissions to Kingsbrook School are all made on an individual basis and depend upon a detailed assessment of each young person’s needs and our ability to meet those needs.

The Head of School is responsible for overseeing the referral process for each young person. After receiving referral paperwork, the Head of School will present the information available about the student to the Therapy Team who will assess whether the needs of the student can be met at our school. If the decision is that needs cannot be met, the Head of School will inform the referral agency of the decision.

In cases where the plan is to move forward with the referral, the Head of School will then visit the young person, either at home or at their current school, to evaluate in more depth if our school is suitable for their level of need. The Head of School will keep all interested parties informed at each stage of the process.

The young person is then invited to come for a visit to the school, with their parents/carers and if there are no significant issues arising from these visits, a placement offer is made.