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Referrals 0203 988 4682 General 0800 138 8680

Transitioning services

A co-ordinated approach to transitions

Successful transitions require the input of everyone with an interest in the young person’s development. Hurworth House works hard to include as many individuals as possible, each with a unique perspective on how to plan transition. This ensures we make well-informed decisions and usually involves:

  • The young person themselves
  • Parents/carers
  • Transition and Interventions Lead
  • Head Teacher
  • Assistant Head Teachers
  • Therapy team
  • SEN officers from the young person’s local authority and, where appropriate, current educational placement
  • External agencies

Planning ahead for successful transitions

At Hurworth House, many of our young people arrive experiencing social difficulties caused by anxiety and many are unable to cope well in new situations. Prior planning is essential for our young people to make a positive start. As such, transition is a focus from the earliest point possible to the most appropriate setting. For some children this will be transitioning back into mainstream with the right support, for others it will be focusing on college, training or employment.

For those moving into college, training or employment this continuous planning for transitions points continues during their time with us, e.g. typically we will start planning in Year 8 for young people who are due to leave the school in Year 11.

Our specialist IAG worker will work with SENCO and the young person to find the best pathway to the future.  These plans also feed into the young person’s Education, Health and Care Plan. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, transition planning may involve:

  • Accompanied visits to potential further educational establishments
  • Supported work placements
  • Supported attendance at a new college
  • Looking into semi-independent living options back in their home community
  • Independent careers guidance

The school has also had successful transitions into mainstream settings from primary and secondary provision.  Again these transitions are well planned with supported visits and seamless hand over of information.  The school is able to work inside mainstreams to provide additional support at transitions times.