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Highbury House

Welcome to Highbury House

Highbury House is a children’s home which has provision for seven young people of either gender aged between 11 and 18 who have emotional and behavioural difficulties, and are starting to engage with methods of behaviour management and assistance with their emotional needs.

These young people have usually experienced multiple care and education breakdowns, have little confidence or trust in adults and consequently have poor relationship-building abilities, low self-esteem and poor self-image.

The majority of the young people are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and various conduct disorders and have a Statement of Education Need as a result of emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Our approach

Highbury House provides a warm, welcoming and relaxed yet structured environment, which encourages young people to develop social, educational and practical skills to enjoy and achieve, and to lead a fulfilling life in beautiful surroundings.

Our focus

The home aims to provide, within the hidden curriculum, a caring, safe, warm and stimulating environment. This involves high standards of healthcare, physical comfort, emotional security and positive, enthusiastic role models.

The home also focuses on the respite from negative sub-cultures, building positive relationships with significant adults and opportunities for resignification.

Our values

Highbury House is characterised by a high level of ownerships and responsibility by all staff and young people for its work, function and reputation. The home is a community which celebrates success and acknowledges achievements, no matter how small, in order to drip-feed success and inspire shared experiences to help build strong relationships, and improve self esteem.

These values have established a culture where problems and mistakes are acceptable and gaining support from peers and/or those in authority is highly encouraged.

Get in touch

To find out more about Highbury House, to request a Statement of Purpose or for further information on the residential services we provide for young people at Priory Education and Children’s Services, please click here to make an enquiry or alternatively call our helpful team today on 0118 970 8068.