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Life skills

Helping young people to prepare for adulthood

Here at Eastwood Grange, we understand that preparing our young people for adulthood goes far beyond academic skills taught in the classroom. Alongside supporting students to gain qualifications and accreditations, we also help our young people to develop the confidence, social skills and understanding that they require to put them to use in the real world.

Life skills are well integrated within every element of the academic and residential curriculum at Eastwood Grange. We are committed to making sure our young people are prepared when they move on to the next stage of their life and achieve this through:

  • Personalised curriculum input from the therapy team e.g. social stories
  • Promoting a SEAL (social and emotional aspects of learning) approach across the curriculum
  • Supported work experience placements
  • Involving residential pupils in cooking and domestic chores
  • Independent travel training
  • Community trips to a range of different environments (e.g. shopping centres, sports facilities)

We are proud to report that our approach works: Last year (2014/15) all of our leavers went on to further education or training.

Supporting families with the FLIP programme

We recognise the crucial role that a young person’s family plays in their life and the influence that the quality of this relationship can have on their chance of a successful placement and indeed a successful adulthood. Eastwood Grange offers families the chance to take part in the FLIP programme, which:

  • Supports parents
  • Builds parents’ confidence
  • Teaches parents how to best support the young person in the home environment
  • Better prepares families for transitions
  • Gives support around challenging behaviour and how to manage it
  • Explains how parents and families can work alongside the school