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Referrals 01325 331 703
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Referrals 01325 331 703 General 0800 138 8680
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Careers Education and Guidance

Eastwood Grange Vision Statement:

“Building resilience and skills in our young people for an independent, fulfilled life beyond education”

CEIAG at Eastwood Grange School

Careers education and guidance programmes are critical in preparing our young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life and in ensuring we put into place our vision above. Our programme of activities supports them in choosing 14 – 18 educational and vocational pathways from year 7 that suit their interests and abilities and help them to follow a career path and sustain employability throughout their working lives. This allows our school to provide the environment to support these paths toward independence.

Our CEIAG Policy can be accessed here.

Careers Co-ordinator

Chris Arrowsmith, Assistant Headteacher, can be contacted at the school on 01246 590 255 for further information about our careers education provision. See also our Careers, Education, Advice, Information and Guidance Policy, published on our website.

Careers Interviews

Every young person at Eastwood Grange School has three opportunities for independent careers advice per year. This is provided by Derbyshire Careers Service personnel. Information appropriate to careers advice from a young person’s EHCP is shared in order to provide the best possible advice.

Below is the schedule for Autumn 2018 as to when the advisors (A Brown and D Holloway) will visit our school and conduct up to six interviews per day:

  • Thursday 18th of October - D Holloway
  • Thursday 8th of November– A Brown
  • Thursday 15th of November – A Brown
  • Thursday 22nd of November – D Holloway
  • Thursday 6th of December – D Holloway
  • Thursday 22nd of December A Brown

The pattern will be similar every term, even where this timetable may be outdated.

Our Careers Education Programme can be accessed here.