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Education services

Coxlease School offers highly individualised learning programmes which place pupils’ needs at their core. We aim not only to help our pupils’ develop their academic skills, but also to offer a range of learning experiences outside of the classroom which will develop their physical and social skills. This highly effective combination provides the support our young people require to become successful adults.

Small class sizes for tailored teaching

Class sizes at Coxlease School are typically between five and eight pupils, meaning our young people benefit from a personalised learning environment that is based on their individual needs. Each class will also have a minimum of two staff (one teacher and one learning support assistant). If an individual requires additional support, we can also arrange for a staff member to work with them on a 1:1 basis depending on their level of need. These small class sizes, along with our high staff to pupil ratios, ensure that we are able to give the correct level of support to learners when and where required.

“Occasionally pupils have gaps in their learning due to long periods of absence from education in the past. When this happens, teachers plan bespoke learning programmes, which enable pupils to rapidly gain the foundations that they lack in the subject. The time and effort taken to do this are very well spent because, after gaining essential skills, pupils become more confident and often develop a greater love of the subjects being studied. They go on to make rapid strides in their learning following such programmes.”

Ofsted, December 2015

Meeting your learning needs where you are

At Coxlease School, we recognise that everyone is unique. We understand that each pupil will have his/her own way of learning, which is why we know that attending a school doesn’t work for everyone all of the time. Sometimes a young person might need a short term alternative to school if:

  • They are going through an unsettled period or a period of poor mental health
  • They have had several school placements, including special schools that have failed
  • They find it hard to concentrate around other young people and to build and sustain positive relationships
  • They are going through a period of trauma

Coxlease School offers our young people an individualised one-to-one learning programme, specifically tailored to meet their interests and personal learning needs. Alongside the compulsory subjects of English and Mathematics, we encourage them to gain accreditation in whatever subject they choose to study.

Post-16 Hub

The Hub is a new Post-16 provision, opened mid-2016. Able to support eight to ten young people, The Hub is aimed at those who have previously been so disaffected with education that they have left school with no qualifications and no incentive to continue their learning.

Split over two floors, the upper level provides facilities to focus on academic achievements, such as English, maths, IT, life skills and independence skills, such as online banking and budgeting. The lower level provides dedicated space for pupils to learn and develop their construction skills and staff can also help pupils gain their CSCS card, which enables them to work on building sites.