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Referrals 0203 988 4682 General 0800 138 8680

Transitioning services

Post 16 transitions

Each and every pupil leaving Coxlease School has either moved on into college, apprenticeship training or employment. This is a fantastic achievement and one which we feel is testament to our proactive approach to ensuring our pupils not only make academic progress, but also focus on developing the skills required to engage in the community and become successful adults. Coxlease School ensures all transitions are tailored to the individual’s needs in order to maximise their achievement and best support their personal development.

“Students have a wealth of opportunities to build on what they have already achieved and to access a wide range of courses.  They are very well prepared for their future lives”  Ofsted July 2017

Looking to the future from day one

Transition planning at Coxlease School usually starts around 18 to 24 months before a pupil is due to leave the school, with initial discussions held during annual reviews and other formal meetings. We aim to support young people in making their transition whilst they are still a pupil at the school. This may involve:

  • Starting a gradual programme of supported attendance at their chosen college or vocational training
  • Attending university visits/short stays for pupils on this pathway
  • Supporting the search for work and/or apprenticeships for young people looking to move into employment

Where do our young people move on to?

Pupils may stay at Coxlease School until the end of the academic year in which they turn 19. However, some pupils may choose to leave earlier, according to their individual progress, pathway and/or local authority policy. We are able to provide the required support to help young people transition to the appropriate service at the optimum time. Our pupils have previously transitioned into:

  • Adult services
  • Supported living
  • Employment or accredited apprenticeships
  • Academic or vocational courses at FE college
  • Academic and Vocational programmes of study at The Hub and The Skills Centre, part of Coxlease School

A coordinated approach

The Post 16 lead is responsible for all transition plans for young people at Coxlease School, however we strive to involve a range of internal staff and external partners in transition planning. We believe that successful transitions consider the interests and views of all interested parties, which is why Coxlease School develops transition plans in consultation with:

  • The individual learner
  • Parents/carers
  • Coxlease School SENCO
  • Coxlease School education team
  • Coxlease School residential team (where applicable)
  • Coxlease School therapy team
  • Local authority personnel (where applicable)
  • Social services
  • Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO)
  • Representatives from the new provision to which the young person is transitioning

Supporting smooth transitions

Successful transitions not only require us to help a pupil move to the next stage of their life, but also to ensure the individual has the confidence, social and independence skills they need to flourish in their new placement.

Coxlease School supports transitions through offering:

  • A varied curriculum and therapeutic support which supports pupils’ personal development
  • Independence and life skills training programmes (e.g. independent travel training)
  • Taster days at new placements (e.g. site visits to locate facilities and meet staff)
  • Regular opportunities for young people to share their opinions and preferences
  • Professional and tailored careers advice (via links with Southampton City College, Brockenhurst College and Sparsholt College)
  • Weekend stays at Winchester University to give pupils an insight into university life and motivate them by reminding them what they are capable of achieving