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Referrals 0203 988 4682
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Referrals 0203 988 4682 General 0800 138 8680

Services summary

Clay Hill School is an independent, specialist day school providing education for young people aged 5 to 19 years with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), Attachment Disorders and associated complex needs. Residential care can be provided at our on-site residential homes for up to 14 young people either on a weekly, termly or 52 week basis.

We provide a warm and relaxed yet structured environment, which encourages children and young people to develop social, educational and practical skills to enjoy and achieve.

Clay Hill School takes a strong therapeutic approach to our young people’s learning and development, with all pupils benefiting from regular access to a range of therapy approaches (including Art, Family, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Psychodynamic).

“The work of the multidisciplinary team is effectively entwined within pupils’ education plans”

Ofsted, November 2017

Our mission statement

‘To create a safe and secure environment in which individuals are enabled to achieve their full potential by providing them with diverse learning opportunities.’

Keeping you informed

Clay Hill School is committed to honest and open two-way communication between the school and home. Whilst it is necessary to recognise any blips in a young person’s behaviour, we always try to focus on the positives, for example how quickly they were able to turn this around.

The range of initiatives that we have in place help parents/carers to feel involved in the care of their child. These include formal and informal measures, such as:

  • A same-day phone call from the school to parents/carers if there has been an incident involving their child
  • A weekly letter/email with the young person’s pupil log sheet that week. This contains details of the points a pupil has earned during lessons/break times as well as staff comments about their behaviour and well-being and is shared with the young person, parent(s) and identified carers
  • Email and/or telephone conversations as/when parents request
  • Formal reports three times a year, detailing a young person’s academic progress
  • School open days which give parents/carers an opportunity to visit the school, meet with staff and discuss their child’s progress
  • Regular celebratory school events

“Parents commented on the marked improvement in their child’s experience of education after joining Clay Hill School”

Ofsted, November 2017

Rewarding progress

The timetable at Clay Hill School is split into 45 minute sessions. Pupils’ behaviour and attitude to learning is individually graded for each session, including lunch and break times. These grades are then used as the basis for our school-wide rewards scheme.

Clay Hill School also has Citizenship awards which recognise excellent manners or helping other children out and a star pupil of the week, which is nominated by staff. Pupils are recognised during our weekly Celebration Assembly, held on Fridays.

Working in consultation with young people

All of the young people at Clay Hill School have the opportunity to attend our weekly children and young persons’ meetings. Pupils also have the chance, as a group, to contribute many areas of the school and the way it is run (e.g. anti-bullying policy, activities, routines, finance and menus).

Regular reviews

Clay Hill School is purposely designed to support children and young people to make progress in various areas of their life. We have a regular review programme in place to ensure that the young person’s academic and social welfare is promoted in the most effective way at all stages of their placement at Clay Hill School. These reviews see various professionals (including internal staff and external agencies) come together with parents/carers and the young person themselves to monitor the placement, assess their progress and adjust the plan if required to reflect any significant changes.

Empowering young people to make a choice

A lot of the young people with us at Clay Hill School have anxiety-driven conditions. Staff are very mindful that, often, these anxieties are further triggered by a fear of being let down, left alone, or failing. The approach at Clay Hill School is always for teaching and care staff to remain calm, in control and to challenge behaviour with discussion, calm talking and a consistent message.

We aim to empower our young people with a consistent message that life is about the choices they make: When you make the right choice, good things happen but there will be consequences if you make the wrong one.

“The learning environment is calm and purposeful”

Ofsted, November 2017

Giving back life chances to our young people

When a young person joins Clay Hill School, we understand the focus must be on outcomes and what we can achieve together during their time with us. Yet for us, outcomes go far beyond learning in the classroom and gaining GCSEs.  Instead, we look at the individual’s onward pathway and how we can best provide the support they need to achieve their long-term life goals. Clay Hill School believes in giving back chances and opportunities in life to our young people.

An expectation of achievement

Our exceptional staff team are instrumental in helping our young people to achieve their potential. They take the time to really get to know and understand each pupil so that they can motivate and inspire them.

“Staff are well attuned to the needs of each pupil. This helps them to guide the pupils to make good progress”

Ofsted, November 2017