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Referrals 0203 988 4682 General 0800 138 8680

Outcomes and achievements

We are proud of the young people’s achievements at Arden College. Recent achievements include:

  • Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement (RARPA) across all aspects of the college is 87%
  • Achievement across all nationally recognised awards is 86%

Throughout a learner’s college journey, there is ongoing evaluation of their progress based on the target setting and review process, or achievements on the communication and/or sensory curriculum. This ongoing evaluation allows distance travelled to be reviewed and new goals and targets set.

For most students in Communication Strategy Groups 2-4, a more ‘formal’ communication assessment is possible. Then reassessment is carried out at the end of Year 2 which allows:

  • Review of progress made
  • Planning of communication in Year 3

However, at any time during their college course, a student can be reviewed by the SLT at the request of family, learning manager, teacher or residential staff.

For learners in Communication Strategy Group 1 (and others for whom it might be appropriate) the initial assessment takes the form of an observation of the student in a familiar situation together with profiling of that learner on the Communication Curriculum profile. This tool allows a percentage to be gained for status/progress on the Communication Curriculum which is recalculated on a yearly basis.

The Communication Curriculum began piloting in January 2015. When it has been in use for two years, it will provide data for measuring progress made by students with more complex communication difficulties.

Do students improve their communication skills?

Data from the communication assessment/reassessment process has been gathered for the last five years. In order to be as rigorous as possible, high standards are set for outcomes to be judged as ‘progress’. The results have been encouraging. Over the last five years, 81% of students have made demonstrable progress in their communication skills as measured by the communication assessment/reassessment process.