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Althea Park House

Welcome to Althea Park House

Located in Stroud, Althea Park House (formerly part of Partnerships in Care) provides residential services for young men and women aged 15-23 years with eating disorders.

We offer a warm and nurturing environment where young people receive treatment for complex, severe and enduring eating disorders. We work together to achieve the best possible outcomes and quality of life for everyone in our care.

Together we will reflect on, explore and understand the young person’s needs, helping them to develop the skills to build a new positive outlook, confidence and skills for a positive future. We will work through the process of creating a personal identity outside of their eating disorder as well as helping to build social networks within the community.

Our residential services

Our residents usually stay with us on average for 18 months. In that time they learn to stabilise weight and physical health, put coping strategies into place, how to keep safe and to make healthy decisions about food, weight and their lifestyles. We also decide upon practical approaches to achieve a sustained recovery and prevent relapse.

Everything we do supports our philosophy of meaningful engagement where every activity, whether it is therapeutic, leisure or vocational, plays an important part in a young person's recovery, learning new skills and build confidence.

When a young person is ready to move on from residential care, we can help find step-down supported living accommodation. We are currently developing semi-independent accommodation on site. The home will provide a wonderful opportunity to experience independent living and receive ongoing and graded support from the team. We can also arrange outreach packages of care locally.

A therapeutic environment

  • Our belief that ‘every space is a therapeutic space’ has us place as much importance on activities like shopping together as on structured therapy sessions
  • Based on a client-centred model of relational therapy which encourages reflection, exploration and understanding of psychological needs
  • Collaborative partnership with the client to identify and understand the symptoms, patterns and origins of psychological distress and develop the skills to manage them
  • Promotes opportunities for young people to make decisions, express views and wishes about their care and the organisation of the home

Get in touch

To find out more about Althea Park House, to request a Statement of Purpose or for further information on the education and residential services we provide for young people at Priory Education and Children’s Services, please click here to make an enquiry or alternatively call our helpful team today on 0118 970 8068.